Surrender. Recovery. Transformation. Life.

Although we all share commonality, each of our journeys is unique, informed by our pasts, our experiences, habits, conditioning and individual emotional geography. We've all been lost and we're all on a path to finding our way back home. Todd offers myriad services for anybody seeking clarity and healing. Whether you're in the depth of pain or your life seems to be working right were it is, there is another level of healing and awakening. 




– private or group SESSIONS –

Private Sessions
Enrichment and expansion begin with your story, and an open line of communication is key. This one-on-one work will give you the concepts, methods, and motivation to work through the issues holding you back and get you on the path to the future you want. Whether you're dealing with acute emotional pain, substance abuse, or you just want to reach the next step in your life, Todd's honest, open sessions are unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Group Sessions
Humans find encouragement, comfort and support in groups. These are small curated groups for those who wish to give and receive support from others. A group dynamic can be extremely helpful - offering encouragement and understanding through the sharing of stories, reaping the rewards of our work together.

Private sessions are offered both face to face and via Skype, anywhere in the world. For pricing, more information and to get started, please Contact Todd.



Booking is available for workshops, corporate events, and small groups. Todd's signature straight-talking style and his incredible personal story combine to make his talks engaging and affecting experiences, infused with inspiration and hope.  Todd's motivating presentations are tailored to your individual needs and specific topics depend on the audience.



With a vast array of radically different residential and out-patient  treatment options out there, choosing the right program without expert support can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know if you've found a good fit? Todd's placement services help you choose the right program/facility, facilitate a connection, and to advocate for you every step of the way. 

Through his work (over more than a decade), Todd has developed an extensive network of trusted contacts at a range of outstanding treatment facilities across the country. You may continue with post-treatment follow up sessions if you choose.


Intervention for substance abuse often falls to an addict's family or inner circle, who may be, at the moment, the least equipped to successfully handle this process on their own. Services are provided on a case by case basis, after careful evaluation, and Todd remains available for follow-up services after treatment.

Todd's vast network of professionals provides supportive services for each intervention and enables him to accommodate each client's unique needs. 




So, how does this work?

The process

No shame. No bullsh*t. No punches pulled. I’m here to walk the talk with you, every step of the way. Each partnership begins with a deep exploration of you: Your story, your path, and identifying what you’d like your future to look like. This is about you. What are your dreams? What is keeping you from progress and growth? What’s your story? Success in every journey is  built on trust, clear and open communication, and empathetic listening. We will work together to sort through it…whatever “it” may be. Together, we will explore, discover, grow, and walk the path from the life you have now to the life you want...the life you deserve.

Though I specialize in working with creatives and creators, my work is truly for everybody. The depth and breadth of my personal experience makes me uniquely suited to recovery work, though I’ve helped people from all walks of life to fulfill their true potential and get their lives on track.

Get Started

All new clients will experience a free one hour phone consultation. This will help us to decide where to go from here.  Once we've decided to move forward, we'll schedule future sessions as needed.


“Todd’s no B.S. method comes from his own hard-earned wisdom and is matched with sound tenants from the recovery and business communities. Simply said: Todd will guide you to ‘winning’ the day, all while becoming your best self.”

- Kyle