Todd Bradley is a soul advisor, a coach, who helps clients create the lives they deserve, regardless of where they are today.

He specializes in working with creatives and creators, a world he's been immersed in for most of his life. Though he's naturally drawn to artists, writers, producers, actors, athletes, and entertainment industry professionals, he loves working with people from all walks of life and has brought his unique brand of no-nonsense healing to business professionals and many more.  Todd's background is in music, and he is an accomplished producer, artist, songwriter, manager and engineer. His extensive and impressive music resume includes touring and performing with Creed, Collective Souls, Goo Goo Dolls, and the legendary Sly Stone, to name a few. 

His journey, however, has not been an easy one.

A dysfunctional upbringing, growing up with socially reckless and addicted  parents put him on a collision course with the substance abuse and depression which nearly ended his life. As his success grew so did his addiction, and in no time at all his life was spinning out of control, whether those around him could see it (or were prepared to offer help) or not. Was it a moment of clarity or was it living in the depths of despair that started Todd on the road to sobriety? A little of both. By then he was truly broken, worn out, "sick and tired of being sick and tired". Just done. Overcoming his past struggles, and his passion for helping others, put him on a course to become the healer he is today. Todd always had a talent for others, and even at his lowest and most self-destructive, he discovered something he'd known from his earliest memory...helping others was both his gift and his calling.

Today he is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share what he's learned with people from all walks of life in a loving and practical way.

He has lived and worked in Memphis, Atlanta and L.A., but has settled in Nashville, the place that feels most like home. 

He remains committed to music and, through organizations like MusiCares, to giving back to the community that has given him so much.  

His life, career, and the beautiful family that make up his world are a dream come true - everything he could have asked for and more; And though Todd in no way insists that sobriety is necessary for everybody, he is keenly aware that he would have none of the magic he enjoys today without that first step towards recovery.

Todd says "I have been blessed with a new chapter in my life, and I acquired what I need  to be effective in helping myself and others just like me.” His services are available in person (and that means anywhere in the world) and via Skype. He offers intervention services as well as treatment program placement. Additionally he's available for public speaking at events, workshops and anywhere people will benefit from his message of motivation and hope.

My Journey...

This is me, now...

This is me, now...

My "decline, fall, then rise" story is a familiar one, and I'm grateful for the lessons it's taught me and the passion it's given me for teaching those lessons to those around me.

My "wake up call" came when I found myself on the business end of a SWAT team. I had vanished for days on end, another episode of my raging addiction.

I thought I had it all, a career in the music business that most could only dream of. I had worked hard, worked with some of the most gifted, creative and inspirational people in modern pop culture, and nothing was ever enough. I was utterly blind to the life I'd built for myself, instead I found myself embracing darkness and tearing that life down, brick by painful brick. A hole like the one inside me just couldn't be filled with material things.

At some point I had fallen asleep in the heavily fortified gang-controlled apartment building (and crack den) I was holed up in, after days of ignoring frantic calls from friends and family. I remember waking up after a very vivid dream, the details of which evaporated the moment I opened my eyes. I found myself muttering the words "OK, OK, I get it..." I then went right back to using.  I didn't remember what I'd dreamed, but I knew it was intense and the feeling of having experienced something significant lingered.

I woke up alone in the house, at 3 in the afternoon, waiting for my dealer to return with more crack. I remember saying aloud, to the empty room: “If I’m ever getting out of here, you’re going to have to send the police and to get me or I’m never going back to my life...” 

Four hours later an entire team of police broke down the fortified door and removed me, still in the clothes from my show, many, many days before. The policemen standing on the other side of the door pointed directly at me and said "That's him." and at that point I knew it was over. Somebody had given up my location.  They took me out, onto the street, where I came face to face with my dealer. It turned out he had led them directly to me - it was me they were looking for, not him. I was terrified! I had no idea what was about to happen to me, especially since I'd just led heavily armed cops to my dealer's door. I said "Hey, man, you know I would never bring this kind of heat on you..." and was amazed when he turned to me and replied "Hey man, with you it's never been about the money. I know when you come down here you really need it...but listen, I really want you to get help." To this day, that remains one of the most profound things anybody has ever said to me. The cops led me away and the next several hours would find me cascading downward into complete emotional breakdown. 

I ended up in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm, waiting for the staff to figure out what to do with me. There is no detox protocol for cocaine - the only way out is through. 

As I lay there, seeped in my brokenness, I looked down the hallway and saw an elderly black couple, the woman in the bed, the man by her side. They were the picture of devotion and love, an echo of the Deep South from another time. They looked incredibly familiar. And then I realized - I had dreamed these people! In fact, not just the old couple, but also the police - the whole thing had been part of my dream. This was my life, my subconscious, calling to me from the depths of restless sleep (if you can even call it sleep), calling on God (or a "higher power") to get me out of the miserable place I was in. And there, in real life, right down the hall was the answer. This was my  "lightning bolt moment" and just what I needed to get out of the mess I was in. I asked for a way out of my addiction, my downward spiral, and God answered, doing exactly as I had asked, even though I didn't know I had asked. 

That was 12 plus years ago. After lots of work, plenty of support and a ton of faith; in myself, in those around me, in my future - I am a completely different person today than the guy who ended up in the hospital after an encounter with Atlanta's Finest.

There is hope. There is a better life. I’m living proof, and my calling is to share what I've learned with others.


- Todd Bradley