About Todd

Todd Bradley is a transformational coach, healer and soul advisor based in Nashville, TN.

Todd’s uniquely straightforward and heart-centered approach to coaching is designed to facilitate real change, to move you beyond the life you have now to the life you want with sensitivity, grace, humor and practicality. His services provide the insight and practical tools to move you into the future, creating the world you’ve always envisioned for yourself.


What will your transformation look like?

Enrichment and expansion begin with your story, and open and honest communication is key. Todd's straight-talking, drama-free, compassionate approach is firmly rooted in his broad personal experience. He brings insight, honesty, clarity and dedication to his work and his methods will help you to work through the issues holding you back and get you on the path to the future you want.


"I have had the honor and pleasure to know and work with Todd over the past decade...He offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to support any individual in their own quest for clarity, balance and health.


- Debbie Carroll, Executive Director Of MusiCares, balance and health."



Private Coaching Sessions + Small Group Sessions + Speaking Engagements + Intervention Services + Residential Treatment Placement

Todd’s services are for everybody who is ready to begin a journey toward healing, empowerment, happiness, balance and health.  Clients come to Todd from all walks of life, and though he specializes in working with those in creative fields, his work is not limited to those who work (and play) in the arts. Whether you’re simply looking to get “un-stuck” and move beyond a personal or professional plateau, or you’ve got an acute obstacle to overcome, Todd will tailor a program specifically for your needs. He is there to support his clients on their journey every step of the way.